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Costa Charalambous was born in the USA on 07/24/1953. Both of his parents were Greek - his father was born in Cyprus and his mother from Ann Arbor, MI. At the age of 10 years old, Costa began his endeavor with the bouzouki due to his father surprising him with the instrument when he brought it home one day. At the age of 12, Costa moved to Cyprus for a few years. While there, he furiously practiced and was then given the opportunity to play professionally at a Greek nightclub at the age of 15. Returning to the states in 1972, he began his first band, “The Golden Fleece”. After 5 years with the band, Costa began playing the Greek nightclub scene in the Ohio area which was very popular at that time. One of the better nightclubs that Costa played at was called the Parthenon located in downtown Cleveland, OH. This is where he met his mentor, John Politis. John Politis was one of the most influential individuals to Greek music at that time. John opened Costa's eyes to Greek music due to his great insight and support. Costa would not be the bouzouki player or singer that he is today without John's guidance.

Costa's influences concerning Greek music are: Vangellis Perpiniadis, Stellios Kazantzidis, Stratos Dionisiou, and Manolis Aggelopoulos. More specifically as bouzouki players: Paliologou, Papadopoulos, Bithikosti, and Stergiou.

Costa, likewise, has admirable vocal abilities that compare to many of the singers that we hear every day in Greek music.

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"For myself, Greek music is a passion, and I play it with my heart. Stigma has much to do with my music passion!"
Costa Charalambous