Peter Politis

Playing - Tsiftetelli  Drum Solo #2

Drum Solo Through Mixing Board

Play - Tsiftetelli  Drum Solo #1


Pete (Panagiotis) Politis was born in Pireaus, Greece. His father, singer/composer Yiannis Politis, and his cousin, the famous bouzouki artist George Antonopoulos, inspired him musically.  Pete’s sound is a rare combination of power, technique, and feel which brings together Eastern and Western rhythmic elements. Pete’s advanced degree of Performance and Composition brings a wealth of experience to the music he passionately helps create.


Here are some of the talented and gifted Greek musicians Pete has had the honor of working with:  Vangelis Perpiniadis, Mihalis Menidiatis, Yiota Lydia, Themis Adamantidis, Stamatis Gonidis, Giorgos Alkaios, Lizzetta Nikolaou, Angie Samiou, Spiros Dimitriou, Dimitris Zahos, Andreas Barkoulis, Maestro Demetrios Milios, Giorgos Tsimbidis, Theodoros Kabouridis, Giorgos Ioannidis, Yiannis Anastasopoulous, Lakis Sakantaris, Sarantis Saleas, Kim Sturner.