Takis Matheou

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Taki Matheou began playing music at the age of 6 years old when his mother and father decided that the instrument of choice was the accordion. For 7 years straight every week, Taki went to accordion lessons with the nationally renown accordion player Sefani.  Throughout the seven year period, Taki played at many recitals including musical talent contests where he acquired many awards.  At the age of 13, Taki decided to switch to a more formidable and mainstream related instrument - the keyboard. At that time, he took approximately a year's worth of piano lessons to get acclimated with the appropriate fingering positions concerning the horizontal playing of the piano.  At the age of 14, Taki began playing with a Greek band that was located in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Taki at the age of 22

At the age of 22, he left the band to expand his musical horizons. He played at numerous piano bars around the Cleveland area playing contemporary American music, and continued to play Greek music as a free-lance musician with many Greek bands within the Midwest area. In doing so, Taki became recognized by many talented musicians that are still currently within the US professional bouzoukia scene. Taki played with these musicians around the US where he enhanced his style of playing and truly grasped the concepts of Greek music.

For those who have played with Taki, they recognize his ability to play with or without a bass player - as the wave files above demonstrate (no overdubs). His left hand mimics a bass player while he plays flawless difficult right handed leads. Likewise, when performing with a bass player, Taki is able to continue to use his left hand to comp via chords and/or playing different combined leads with both left and right hands. With the limited amount of talented Greek musicians in the US, this attribute allows Taki to enhance any band he plays with, as he has done to date - over 20 years playing professionally.

Throughout his Greek musical playing career Taki has played with many musicians and singers that are renown within the United States and in Greece:

Sakelariou, Politis, Opados, Vlahaki, Dimitriou, Zagoreou, Konitopoulos, Karahaliou, Kritikos, Varsos and Dakis

Rotas - Bouzouki,  Antonopoulos - Bouzouki, Soffos - Bouzouki, Zervas - Keyboards, Xidas - Keyboards, Sevastakis - Clarinet, Mpournias - Clarinet

and many many more musicians and singers...